She’s black, she’s beautiful and she wears her natural beauty boldly.

Tanerélle: Virtual Concert

Why we love her:

  1. She’s incredibly talented.
    • “Her music blends genres, speaks volumes & includes elements of space that create a one of a kind sound.”
  2. She’s a black feminist.
    • “Society has made all the decisions about me and has given that decision to men, and I don’t like that. Everyone is making decisions for us about us. I don’t have to answer to anybody. And I‘m passionate about my Black. We don’t matter within certain realms of femininity. All of those women who were at the women’s march should’ve been at the Black Lives Matter march. A huge part of my art is uniting women and uniting Black people, and the basis of my music is to heal, feel and celebrate.”
  3. She wears her saggy breasts proudly.
    • To all the negative comments about today’s look, I don’t need to lift my breast to wear a fucking dress. I’m a woman and my natural tits hang and I fucking love it and I have no intention of changing it to suit your gaze. I’m out here living my dreams focus on better things.
    • It’s so hard to find representation of women with natural breasts in the media, especially breasts that are saggy. So it’s incredibly refreshing and inspiring to see.

Thank you Tanérelle for living boldly & protesting through black joy.