Answer: Chase Sapphire 

Top 3 reasons why:

  1. Chase points are worth more to airlines than other credit card points; especially with their current promo where you can earn 50k miles which is worth $625
  2. The Chase app is super easy to use & makes tracking your points & paying bills on time actually kind of a pleasant experience. 
  3. You can use the points for anything travel which is pretty awesome — hotels, flights, vacation packages & more! 

Additional thoughts & commentary

The other card I have is the Alaska Airlines Visa Platinum because 1) they have a companion fare program which is super dope for traveling with family, friends & loved ones 2) it’s easy to earn points with them (and other airlines) via Groupon, various retailers & through Rocketmiles and 3) their in-flight experience beats United/American. 

If I lived in a JetBlue hub, I’d go with the JetBlue Card or JetBlue Card Plus. I LOVE JetBlue’s in flight experience & customer service; they literally treat you like royalty in my opinion compared to how basic other airlines have been & continue to be. Not to mention the fact that they have a $0 annual fee card option, which is unique & amazing. 

I’d also highly recommend Uber’s Visa credit card for those interested in cash back rewards. You just get a ridiculous amount of cash back on everything + it counts almost all online transactions as valid for 2% cash back & if you’re anything like me, almost all your transactions are online!

These are all just my thoughts & conclusions after literally weeks of scouring the internet trying to decide which credit card to sign up for as a frequent traveler. Everyone’s situation will be different. I use the following sites for information:

  1. The Points Guy – 
  2. NerdWallet – 
  3. Google – do a Google search!