#1. Skip the objective if you don’t have a creative or distinguishing line; most recruiters couldn’t care less, it tends to be a waste of space & there’s typically very little you can say on it to add value to your resume without disqualifying yourself.

#2. Make sure you include the keywords “product”, “roadmap”, “KPIs”, “cross-functional”, “launch/ship,” “tested,” “experiments” or any other PM-ing activity in there. You’re applying to be a product manager? Then sound like one.

#3. Use keywords from the job description to tailor your resume to the role. If the top requirement is experience building APIs, don’t you dare submit that resume without the word ‘API’ in it. Your chances of a call back or getting through a scanning system will be super, super….super low.

#4. You’re allowed to be flexible with your titles. Titles are mostly made up; sometimes, real titles are pretty ridiculous sounding or so uncommon that the average recruiter/hiring manager wouldn’t know what it meant. If you had responsibilities similar enough to a product owner or product manager, just call yourself a PM 🙂 You can also use Product Growth-XX ie. Product Growth Manager, Product Operations Manager etc if you’re coming from a different discipline like Marketing or Business.

#5. Be consistent. Whether in your use of font (please stick to 1 font), sizing, indentation, bolding…just be consistent about it. Otherwise you will look sloppy.

#6. Quantify what you did & why it mattered instead of just listing off a list of basic duties that every PM needs to do. Determine what your actual impact was.