In the time of lockdown, it’s hard to stay motivated, keep spirits up and stay in touch with family. However, there are tech products that can make life more interesting & make time pass more quickly. Here are top picks:

Get a video chat smart device.
It makes staying in touch easier; you don’t have to hold up your phone or worry about your battery draining. Plus, the Portal has cool AR effects that can make it more fun.

Echo Show

Facebook Portal
Keep your environment clean.
Get a swiffer or steam mop to make cleaning almost any surface chemical-free and fast.


Pursteam Steam Mop
Keep your drinks hot or cold for hours.
While you’re working from home or spending time to read, it’s always handy to keep a nice drink at the right temperature for an extended period of time. Yeti and S’well are amazing and can help with that. Your teas, coffees and cocktails will thank you.

Yeti Mug
Stay entertained, not bored.
There’s no better time to pick up new gaming technologies than now. Pick up a VR headset and immerse yourself in some out-of-the-world virtual experiences.