There's nothing better than seeing someone who represents you being celebrated loudly and boldly. And that's what happened on Dec 1st, 2020. The singer herself stated,

"A year ago I went viral for being bullied for having “saggy breasts” & standing up for women’s rights to autonomy over our bodies. Today, I am proud to announce that you can find those same beautiful breasts on the cover of PLAYBOY because I am @playboy ‘s DECEMBER 2020 PLAYMATE."
Playboy Magazine /

The media has a way of ingraining certain images in your mind. And one of them is that if bodies aren't perfectly perky and firm, they don't count. Having Tanerélle grace the cover of Playboy magazine begins to challenge that norm that's been often explicitly, other times implicitly, stated over and over again. Although the majority of people may look at this and not think anything of it, it's likely because they have "perky boob priviledge" and have never had to think about it. You don't know you're the odd ball out until you look around and realize that somehow, you're different!

And now, that difference is being celebrated; and no less on a dark-skinned, curvy black woman's body.

Playboy Magazine/Twitter

We hope that this will inspire many more women to flaunt what they've got proudly, or at least, feel a little less ashamed of not looking like "everybody else."

Who's next? 😉