I've written before about the 4D hair pattern and all its joys and pains. There are countless Youtube videos and articles about how to style 4D hair, how to deep condition and shampoo, how to make it softer etc. But what if you get to a point where you just want your hair to exist? I got tired of manipulating my 4D hair and trying to get it to be something it's never going to want to be. Especially during this pandemic where everything already feels depressing and like a huge effort, feeling sad about my hair was 1 more thing under my control that I could turn from lemons to lemonade. So I started Googling :)

And I ended up landing on sisterlocks. I had already gotten locs (aka dreadlocks) in the past, but didn't like how large they were and how long it would take until I had a "look" that I could feel good about. They kept saying, "Trust the process," but I'm not the type of woman that trusts anything at face value nor wants to patiently go through processes. Eventually after investigating several vloggers, Facebook groups, raking through photos, I started to realize that sisterlocks/microlocs would be the perfect style for me. I have thick, dense, dry 4D hair that loves to lock up on its own already. I could get sisterlocs or microlocs and look amazing from the get go!

Those with finer strands or thinning hair do need to go through a process with sisterlocs and they start out at the beginning looking like they have a bunch of tiny, super spaced out braids on their head; it's understandably a look at I wouldn't love either. However, because I have so much hair, this would mean that I could skip that part and go straight to the fun part where I have a full head of tiny little, super manageable locs!

Here are some examples of other women who I suspect also have 4D hair and what their sisterlocs/microlocs look like:

@yabwoi on IG
@Sylvia Woods @viasisterlockjourney
@StayGlam on Pinterest

As you can see, 4D hair was practically meant for locs, and it just took me the longest time to realize that sisterlocs/microlocs offer the look & flexibility I've been wanting without the stress & insecurity that comes with loose 4D hair. I am loving my sisterlocs, courtesy of Audrey Bailey in Los Angeles. You can reach her at: 562-324-9942 or 67bailey@gmail.com or find other locticians near you in the Sisterlock Registry.

I'm excited to go on this new & exciting journey where I wake up every morning stress-free and looking great. I hope this article will reach other ladies struggling with their 4D hair patterns and give you another option you may not have considered!