The website markets 1-on-1 remote personal training for just $5 a day. I decided to try it out because I don't mind working out; but being consistent about it has been a struggle, as it is for many people. It was also appealing to see that they have a custom app that pairs with an Apple Watch (that they give you) to tell you how active you are and help work towards your goals.

Benefits of

1/ It's more affordable than a traditional personal trainer

At some point, I had a traditional personal trainer, and I splurged on it for a few months because I really wanted to prioritize my health and ease myself into a consistent routine. While it helped stabilize my routine, it de-stabilized my wallet. It cost upwards of $350 a month, and this was with group training – and I know many others who have paid over $500 a month for personal training.

2/ The feedback is instant, and I've been feeling more motivated to stay consistent

Between the Apple Watch and the Future app, I have constant stats on how many steps I've taken, how many calories I've burnt and what my exercise streak has been. I love seeing these on 2 surfaces because it integrates working out into my psyche so that as I'm starting and going through the day, I'm constantly thinking or planning for the workout coming up. I'm starting out with 3/7 days a week and trying to compliment it with tennis rallys and yoga which has been going well. So it's already been helpful in just making me choose a clear goal, determine a time for working out that actually works for me, and being able to complement it with a diversity of workout options.

3/ The UI is sleek and feels modern but is also super simple so you don't get too distracted

The way things work in the app is super clear and the patterns are very consistent. Everything is tied to either talking to your coach or your upcoming workout. I love that there are no ads, no placement about adjacent products (ie. meals, apparel etc) as all these things do is kind of distract me from the ultimate goal, which is 30 mins of exercise 3x a week.

Screenshot for the Future fitness app

4/ Bonus: They have a diverse array of trainers to choose from

I have a black, female personal trainer, which has been so amazing since normally "pre-COVID" it was super hard to find someone who fit this profile. It automatically created an atmosphere of trust and vulnerability where I can openly discuss some of the emotional/mental challenges I face in relation to working out without fear of mis-understanding or lack of empathy.

What could be better

I wish that the trainer actually could watch me while I'm working out and was more present in real time despite the remote-work model. It would also probably help my trainer if she were on the same coast as me (due to the time difference). But I'm planning to bring these things up to see if it can be integrated into the model. If so, then I think this could help me crack the code and maintain a 3-6 month streak to build exercising as a true habit for myself.

Overall, this app and experience has been super promising, and I'm excited whenever tech meets real pain points for people. So fingers crossed!