During non-pandemic times, it was already pretty tricky to meet people. The main channels people had for this were:

High familiarity:

  1. Through family or friends-of-friends
  2. In person at work/school/church/social gatherings

Medium familiarity:

  1. In person at networking events
  2. One time life events (ie. weddings, graduations etc)

Low Familiarity:

  1. In person during daily routines (ie. at the gym, at the grocery store etc)
  2. In person during special events (ie. global trips, study abroad etc)
  3. Dating apps

With the onset of the pandemic, most of the above options are no longer available. What you have left are:

Through family or friends-of-friends: This tactic works well if you:

  1. Have an array of friends
  2. These friends have contacts who match your sex/gender preference and are single
  3. Your friends are not shy about connecting the dots + making intros

Obviously, these conditions don't match so many people which is why not as many folks meet their significant others through this route.

In person during daily routines (ie. at the gym, at the grocery store etc)

This toughest part about this channel is that everyone has a mask on. So it's a challenge to even determine if someone is attractive or not, and apparently people can look quite different once you see the lower half of their faces (who knew!). In addition, many people don't want to talk to strangers thanks to social distancing and fear of getting the virus. So flirting or casual conversation in public is simply not as likely anymore.

That said, it's still very possible to strike up conversations as you go about your weekly routines, so it's just a matter of keeping your eye out.

Dating apps

This is the most common/available channel to most people right now. There are so many apps out there, each with their own claims to fame. However, the top contenders are: Tinder, Bumble, OKCupid, Hinge, Coffee Meets Bagel and Grindr. However, there are so many more to be found, but most of them lack broad and active user bases for them to be useful.

So take a look at the various apps, pick your poison and try to start some conversations. There's really nothing to lose (but time), and maybe you might meet someone you like!