AZULIK Resort, Tulum MX

With all the hullabaloo going on with our latest president and Mexico/Mexicans, many Americans miss the fact that Mexico is one of the most desirable travel destinations on the Western Hemisphere. Most people are too busy traveling to Hawaii or the Caribbean to remember that Mexico is literally right there.

In the case of Californians & Texans, literally underneath their noses. So here’s a list of reasons why Mexico should be your next travel destination.

  1. Cheap flights
    • Depending on the time of the year you’re looking to go and how far in advance you buy your flights, Mexico can easily be as cheap at $300. That’s about how much it costs to go from San Francisco to Seattle.
  2. Cheap purchases
    • The conversion from dollars to pesos is around 20:1. And restaurant meals can be found from around $150 pesos and up ($7.5 USD). Depending on where you’re from in the US, this may not be that cheap, but coming from most metro cities, this should be a nice discount.
  3. Friendly locals
    • One tough aspect of traveling can be communicating with locals who aren’t particularly friendly. This isn’t the case in Mexico. People are exceptionally welcoming of Americans, and although they may not speak much English, they really do try their best to answer your questions and help you get around.
  4. Options for everyone
    • Whether you’re seeking adventure and want to go ziplining, you just want to lazy around by the beach all day or you’d like to hit the club and dance the night away, Mexico has a wide array of options for all the moods you might be in or people you’re traveling with.
  5. Food
    • There’s a wide variety of food option in Mexico; not just tacos and burritos! Every time I’ve gone, I’ve discovered a new treat or menu item that I’m trying for the first time. You just have to avoid the ‘tourist-traps’ and keep an open mind, and you’ll be sure you find a new Mexican food you’ll want to take home with you.
  6. Weather
    • This varies based on the region and climate you travel to, but most of costal Mexico has moderate-to-tropical climates, meaning you can find plenty of sunshine with or without the humidity that’s usually present in other countries. Just plan your trip for the right area and time of the year, and prepare for a perfect 80 degree trip with light breezes. Mexico can be a great place to re-fuel on vitamin d in the middle of a long winter.

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