For the past few weeks, I've been getting acquainted with Ingrid Silva, Brazilian ballerina and newly minted mom. I don't even remember how I came across her profile; I just know that she has been blowing up recently, and once I learned about her, I couldn't stop myself from wanting to know more!

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Who Is she? Why do we love her?

Ingrid is a 30-something year old ballet dancer at the Dance Theater of Harlem. She describes herself as Ballerina/Activist/Mother/Brasileira. There are many reasons we love her, some of which being:

  1. She's one of very few prominent black women in professional ballet; certainly one of the only black Brazilian ones I have heard of.
  2. She's incredibly passionate about social justice and representation of black women in the arts, and herself has an inspiring story of growing up non-privileged in Rio de Janeiro and "making it" as a professional dancer; a dream few Americans can even lay claim to.
  3. She left Brazil at the tender age of 18 to carve out her path in none other than New York City; so much respect for people who are willing to travel the world in search of their passion and fulfillment.
  4. She's incredibly easy going and humble despite her size-able IG following (400k+ and counting) and impressive talent.
  5. She takes stunning photographs; just take a peek at her IG. It's filled with images that will make any woman feel empowered and beautiful.