How can I become a PM?

Are there any PM internships at Facebook?

What skills do I need to become a PM?

Many, many people want to become product managers. Some people say it’s the latest “trend” in tech. Even engineers want to forsake their stocks to become PMs.

There is an allure to being PM; product managers own the strategy and vision for the product. So even if they don’t get to dictate exactly what goes down, they have significant say in deciding which features get implemented and how.

How to become a PM

  1. Get into a PM or product-oriented internship (new grads & MBA students)
    • Some examples of companies with PM internships:
      • Lyft
      • eBay & Stubhub
      • Microsoft
      • Google
      • Workday
      • use Google & word of mouth to find others & don’t forget that referrals go a longggg way
  2. Transition within your current company
    • Start the conversation right away with hiring PM managers at your company to find out what would be needed for them to hire you from your current team
    • Find others who may have done similar transitions
    • Ideally, it’s easiest to transition within your existing area of expertise ie. if you’re a business analyst for shopping cart/check out experience, it would be easiest to become PM for check out
  3. Join a start up in a product owner role
    • They may not even call it a product manager role per sé, but if you indicate interest in this type of role, it’s typically easier to make the switch within a growing start up because they typically need a jack of all trades.
    • Some start ups will even have junior PM roles for those with just 1 yr of experience, which again would be easier to get after having joined the company
  4. Join a product program
    • There are so many product programs, but at the same time there aren’t nearly enough! These programs aim to train/develop promising potential with limited or no product experience. They’re effectively junior PM roles within larger companies. Some examples:
      • Facebook Rotational PM
      • Google Associate PM
      • Uber Associate PM
      • Kleiner Perkins Fellows
      • see a longer list here:
  5. Network
    • Some opportunities will only come up if you make those cold intros and put yourself out there. People are looking for talent; if you position yourself as a viable candidate, make your LinkedIn & resume keyword friendly and can share a compelling story of how you’re trying to break into the field, eventually, you will find an avenue, even if it isn’t being a PM right off the bat.

At the end of the day, don’t beat yourself up or become so obsessed with product management that you can’t be flexible to any other career paths. It’s a very closed-off field with few doors for entry. There’s no degree you can study to prep yourself & there are no specific skills you can gain to guarantee yourself an interview. All hiring managers for PM essentially look for people who’ve been product managers historically. Which makes it a chicken-and-egg situation.

Other roles worth considering are: product design, user research, project manager, program manager and product owner.

Are there any PM internships at Facebook?

Quite simply put: no. There’s only the RPM program as far as we know.

What skills do I need to become a product manager?

Like mentioned before, there’s honestly no specific skill you can put on your resume that will grant you an interview/call back. But here are the types of skills/code words hiring managers associate with product roles:

Job searches are already tough enough; product management searches can be even tougher. But hopefully you now have a plan of attack & an open mind which will make the journey a little less stressful.