1.     No one else will take care of you but you.

Whether it’s getting a massage to relieve some of that tension, spending more time with friends/family, going to the doctor/therapist or working out, make sure you’re taking action to undo some of the damage caused from your anxiety/stress at work.

2.     You don’t have to be “on” all the time.

Even military personnel take some time off or go on light duty here and there. We are not robots (sad to hear, I know, but we’re not).

3.     Make sure you’re sleeping (as well as you can).

You should 100% de-prioritize anything getting in the way of multiple nights of a good night’s rest; especially if it was meant to be a short-term thing (ie. Prepping for an interview or work presentation) and it has unconsciously spiraled out of control.

4.     You are not “weak” if you have a breakdown or feel totally overwhelmed.

This is just your body telling you that it’s reached its limit; see point #1.

5.     Don’t compare yourself. Stop judging yourself so harshly.

That next guy/lady making it all look easy has struggled too, either now or in the past. You’re on your own journey and no amount of trying to replicate someone else’s work patterns or abilities will get you there any faster. It’s a x, not a marathon.

6.     Go on vacations, even if they’re mini-ones for a weekend.

It may seem like the time will never be enough for you to recuperate, but giving your mind those breaks really does a world of a difference for you. And overtime, those bursts of spontaneity and positive energy really do add up!