The Good

  1. Nature
    1. For the bold, there are so many places you can explore with your date. Seattle and the surrounding areas are lush, green and breath taking. So it makes Seattle a great city for scenic dates. 
  2. Money
    1. A lot of young people here work in tech and therefore, are high earning. So you don’t need to think too much about self-sufficiency as a criteria anymore, as most of the people you’ll meet already are. 
  3. Coffeeshops 
    1. If coffeeshop dates are your thing, you will love the many options in Seattle. There are so many, and they put effort into the decor so that it feels unique and memorable. And of course, coffee is delicious in Seattle.

The Ugly

  1. One-of-a-kind
    1. It’s like nowhere else I’ve ever dated; and I’ve dated in 5+ cities and 3 countries. The people (men) in Seattle are very timid and conservative. So it’s hard to understand what the rules of engagement are as a newcomer. 
  2. Anemic 
    1. This is the best word I’ve been able to describe the lack of energy/enthusiasm around dating for Seattlelites. There’s no great effort put into dating here. So if you’re expecting compliments, flowers, romantic gestures — look elsewhere! In Seattle, people just bring themselves, their t-shirt/jeans and lots of questions. 
  3. Repetitive 
    1. Especially if you live downtown, you will find that many young people work at tech companies. What this leads to is a lack of diversity in the dating pool, from swiping in apps to meeting people at bars. Everyone works at the same companies, makes similar salaries, live in similar areas, have similar stories/reasons for why they came to Seattle. And very soon, the otherwise small talk/banter that would usually make for a good ice breaker becomes just another series of sentences that you’ve already heard time and time again. 
  4. Robotic
    1. Many Seattle men are engineers or in another logic-based profession. This means you end up meeting quite a number of people who are either: 1000% more nervous than you because they haven’t spoken to someone with boobs in weeks/months OR with someone so cocky that you’re turned off just after the 1st few minutes. 
  5. Discrimination
    1. If you’re not white or east Asian, you might struggle with dating here as those are the races the men who are predominantly white in Seattle prefer. 

At the end of the day, dating is what you make of it. So hopefully this helps set expectations for Seattle dating.