For many people, dating is a chore. An unfortunate activity that you have to go through in the search for intimacy and companionship. During "normal" times, it's a pain. During coronavirus, it's a nightmare.

Coronavirus dating introduces new reasons to feel demotivated about dating:

  1. The people you go out with may be COVID-19 carriers. Therefore putting your health at risk and consequently, your family and friends' healths at risk.
  2. Trust needs to be built more quickly than ever now because lies carrying grave consequences, for some, literally death.
  3. Sex and intimacy now needs to be "worth it" more than ever, since the consequences of being intimate with someone now has repercussions that could be life threatening.

On top of this, you have all the standard issues that come up while dating:

  • Potentially bad/awkward/insulting conversations
  • Misalignment; setting expectations & understanding what people's goals are
  • Wasted time and/or money
  • Disappointment from non-mutual feelings

Over a series of posts, we'll give tips on how to:

  1. Meet people
  2. Date without getting COVID-19
  3. Know when to continue and when to take a break

Ultimately, you have to balance your desire for intimacy and partnership with your mental and physical wellness. It's a tough balance to strike due to the fundamental necessity of both, but the sooner you're able to find your method to the madness, the sooner you'll feel at peace about your dating prospects for the next 12-18 months (how long we think it'll take for us to return to a mostly normal state).