I’ve been getting more active in the kitchen, and one breakfast food I’m coming to love more and more every day is the Dutch Baby pancake, aka German pancake. I made it 3 weekends in a row, and love how simple it is and how fast it comes out. Not to mention, it’s a Seattle specialty, apparently!

I typically whip up all the ingredients in the blender — first the liquids, then the solids — then I heat up the oven, pop it in, go to take a shower, and by the time I’m done, breakfast is ready!

At the same time, I felt bad eating empty carbs with the original recipe (using white flour), so I started experimenting with buckwheat flour.

Buckwheat flour is a pseudocereal. Pseudocereals are seeds that are consumed as cereal grains but don’t grow on grasses. Other common pseudocereals include quinoa and amaranth. Buckwheat is also gluten free and has high mineral and antioxidant content. Its benefits may also include improved blood sugar control. Here’s the recipe for your guilt-free Buckwheat dutch baby: