There are so many options out there for blogging and websites. Sometimes it's hard to figure out exactly which one will be the best option for you. There are a gazillion articles out there that you can browse if you want to see all the various options. This article is not about this.

I want to talk about Ghost CMS. It's been a game changer for my writing. With their clean layouts, 100% customizable code base and minimalist design, I've found it to be perfect for me. Certainly way better than Wordpress which was bogging me down with their millions of themes, plugins, updates and more. My last straw was seeing my CMS begin to slow down because I wasn't on the latest PHP update – or something like that. I'm not super technical, but Wordpress is even trickier for me to understand vs regular technical jargon. Wordpress is basically it's own functionality altogether. I got to a point where I basically stopped blogging and realized I'd be letting go of my dreams of being a regular, well read blogger if I continued down that path. So I started looking for alternatives.

I landed on Ghost CMS. Why?

1/ A writing editor that makes you actually want to write

I know so many Wordpress bloggers who hate writing in Wordpress, and so end up writing in Google Docs or elsewhere before then importing their content into Wordpress. #doublework. Who needs that?! It's already hard enough getting yourself to carve out time and write new content. CMS preview

2/ Simple pricing.

Ghost has a monthly price and a yearly price. And that's it! Everything included. It doesn't get simpler than that. They offer:

  • Basic | $36/mo, $29/mo for a yr
  • Standard | $99/mo, $79/mo for a yr
  • Business | $249/mo, $199/mo for a yr

3/ Easy migration from Wordpress

I decided to try out a little test just for a month. Ghost made it so easy to move all my content over from Wordpress; and I had 2 years worth of content! The only media that didn't survive the transfer were the photos I used for my article features/headers. However, it was ok because the benefits of being on Ghost outweighed that particular loss.

4/ Amazing, custom themes with lots of support

It took me a while to find a theme I "believed" in, but once I found it, it worked seamless with my content. And for the remaining things I wanted to tweak, the seller was super responsive and helpful in making those changes, despite me not being a super technical user.

Ghost Caveats

  1. It's built for devs. You will have to deal with pure code. If you hate the idea of that, this is not for you.
  2. It's not easy to filter through your content or bulk manage items ie. add tags etc. If that's important to you, come back later when they add that feature.
  3. Ghost integrations sometimes require a bit of technical prowess or at least a willingness to read through instructions and try. However, once you've got it, it works perfectly which I love.
  4. Some of your Wordpress plugins/partner sites may not work with Ghost. There are services I've wanted to use that seem to almost exclusively work with Wordpress sites, so you will end up missing out on those. However, for me, it's well worth it so far.

What do you think? Is this compelling enough for you to make the switch? Comment below with questions!

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