1. What’s the big picture?
    • When people jump into the Execution interview, they tend to jump right into talking about metrics. But they haven’t set the stage or considered the big picture. What’s the problem? Why is it a problem? What’s the market? 
  2. Who and who is involved?
    • This is tied to point #1. Who are all the people involved? Are there buyers? Sellers? Viewers? Publishers? 3rd parties? Suppliers? It’s important to think about everyone involved, what their incentives might be and what would good and bad for them. 
  3. Stay MECE
    • MECE = mutually exclusive, collectively exhaustive. People forget to stay organized while they’re going through the interview and simply list out metrics randomly. It’s important to organize the metrics into grouping that are distinct and non-overlapping. This makes it clearer that you’re thinking clearly and logically and makes it easier to follow your stream of thought. 

For a list of metrics to kick start your prep, you can download the template below.